This is a list of songs written by other artists. These are live recordings of Jean performing her own interpretation of each song. These recordings were fussed over and converted to mp3s by our good friend and die hard Jean fan Greg Parker. Greg did an amazing job with these recordings despite old and weathered cassettes from the 1970s as source material. Please listen with that in mind. The sound quality is far from high fidelity but Jean’s voice shines through. Thanks Greg!





A Long, Long Time


Angel From Montgomerey


Yodel Songs


Both Sides Now


House at Pooh Corner


Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys


Send in the Clowns


Every Time I Sing a Love Song




Swinging on a Star






New York City Blues


Bobby McGee


The Rose and The Briar


Somewhere Over the Rainbow






Purple People Eater


Swing Low, Sweet Chariot


The Battle of New Orleans


White Rabbit





  1. I’ve only had time to listen to the first two – but with tears in my eyes I can say BRAVO! Thank you Greg and Wil, for this wonderful gift!

  2. Wow! New Jean music! Insanely GREAT! Even with all the times I heard Jean, I NEVER heard Purple People Eater or White Rabbit or Stars or New York City Blues . i was instantly, somehow transported back to Shenanigans and was drinking HARP WITH Scott Bishop .What a treat! ! Is a CD possible?

  3. We just got these mp3s Mike. Thanks for asking about a CD. Diane’s been wanting to create a CD of these songs for a while. Maybe we could take some orders and do a small run. Either way don’t let us forget and we’ll get you these songs one way or another 🙂 Wil

  4. I count it a privilege to have known Jean. Such a warm heart. Hearing her again now brings back such good memories. At least we still have her music.

  5. Thanks for that comment Bert. I consider it a privilege to have lived 18 years of my life as her younger brother. Her expression of music still inspires me today.

  6. Thank you so much for making these songs available. I can close my eyes and see her face as I hear some of them… takes me back to my childhood sitting with my parents (in Shenanigan’s I think but my Mom Neysa would have to verify) and how excited I was to get her autograph on a napkin. Her voice and her soul shine on and will forever!

  7. Thank-you so much for this – brings back great memories of all the fun and friends that I made thanks to Jean. I will always be honored that I was able to know her and experience her talent and the great people who were part of her.

  8. Thank you again, Greg Parker, for all your time spent getting these recordings to sound so great. My memories take me back to being such a proud little sister. Jean’s talents have never been matched in my book of life……I hope you are all enjoying! Thank you too, Wil, my little brother! You are the techno wizard making this possible. Love you!!

  9. Oh how wonderful to hear her sing again! May I suggest you check out You could sell a CD download of her singing that way, without the expense of manufacturing. Its about $59 for 100 dropcards, less for more. It would be fast too, in time for Christmas even and a great stocking stuffer.

  10. Thanks for the tip Claudia. We obviously didn’t get that together for Christmas but maybe we’ll do it anyway this year.

  11. Thank you Greg. It was so good to hear her voice after so many years. I had just moved to the Sierras in 1978 & she really touched on the specialness of the area. I would love to get her music on a CD or something. Any chance? How long has this site been here? I can’t believe that I have finally found it.

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