Sue’s Poem

Sue Tjernlund













By Sue Tjernlund

There came to the Sierras one fine year,
A minstrel singing so loud and clear
The mountains bowed and the trees rejoiced
At hearing such a wondrous voice,

She was warm and friendly from the start
And wove her love into every heart.
With song and guitar made a magical scene
This cowgirl we knew as Green Bean Jean,

Came a fateful day and a sudden crash,
And the gypsy dancer was gone in a flash.
Cried friends losing her is too much a cost!
Still they realized her spirit would never be lost.

For she inspired many during her time
Not only from her poems and rhymes
But for the spark of life she gave
To everyone that came her way.

We’ll never forget this friend of ours
That kept us spellbound for so many hours
We’ll remember her heart, so noble and pure,
And how much better we are for knowing her